(Quicken 2017 H&B) How do I remove employer matching from a paycheck that is already entered into th

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I have an employer matching entry stuck in my paycheck that is not affecting my net pay, but is increasing my 401(k) balance.  I accidentally already entered the paycheck in my register to find out my employer did not match.  Now, I am trying to delete the employer matching entry out of my 401(k) account, but it says I have to edit the matching entry (which is the paycheck).  Unfortunately, when I got into the edit split for the paycheck, I see the employer matching there (in yellow), but there is no place to delete it or edit it (like the other entries like taxes).

After much angst, I found a workaround.  I have to go into the 401(k) register and change the entry to MiscExp action, change the date and the transfer account and save it.  After that, it will let me delete it.  This couldn't possibly be the correct way to do it.

How do I do this the "right" way?


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    Don't you see the two buttons I have highlight in yellow when editing your paycheck in the register?

    Selecting either of them will pull up a dialog where you can change the amount to zero.
    Note if you have a 401K contribution you can't delete just the Employer match.  You have to just set it to zero.
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