Quicken Premier v. Deluxe for tracking investments

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What can Quicken Premier 2018 (or 2017) do with respect to downloading and tracking investment data and issuing reports that Deluxe cannot do?

I have been using Quicken Deluxe to track a number of brokerage accounts that hold stocks, bonds, options and some exotic investments like working units in oil wells.  It does not always handle mergers involving part cash payments and thinks like that well and sometimes you have to come up with creative ways to handle some transactions.  But it seems to work pretty well and issue all necessary reports.

What SPECIFICALLY (with respect to investments) can Premier do that Deluxe cannot do?  I don't need Morningstar Analysis and can get stuff like that directly from the individual brokers.  I will consider it for 2018 but don't need the other stuff like bill pay or premier support (to call India).


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    In terms of investments, it really doesn't do anything more than Deluxe other than some extra reports and the portfolio x-ray.  That's really it.  There is no additional investment functionality in Premier vs Deluxe.
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    "What SPECIFICALLY (with respect to investments) can Premier do that Deluxe cannot do? "

    The short answer is: Not a lot.

    I've used Deluxe since forever and always found it adequate for my investment needs, but I've got a copy of Premier now.

    There are a few reports in Premier that aren't obvious in Deluxe.  First is "Investing Activity":

    You'll find that report listed in the Deluxe "Reports and Graphs" panel, but if you select it you just get an invite to upgrade and unlock the report.  However, if you go to the Investing Tab and look on the reports drop down menu in the top right corner you'll find it there too:

    And that used to work for me in Deluxe, the full report comes up and can be customised as you desire.

    There are three tax reports in Premier that aren't in deluxe:

    I haven't tried, but it might be possible to customise other Deluxe reports to get the same things.

    Finally, if you want really regular updates of your security prices there's this option in Preferences:
    So if you're happy with deluxe, I don't think there are any overwhelming investment features that will make it worth upgrading.
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