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Since the change over 2 months ago, Quicken 2017 Home and Business (ver R15 Build  no longer downloads any financial data from the American Funds website, it just states that the login data (error OL-332-A) is wrong which is not the case.  What is the best way to submit this problem to get it corrected?


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    If you haven't done
    so already, I'd say it's time to contact Quicken Support via Chat or Phone and
    request help with this Online banking issue.

    Quicken Support link:

    • If you have purchased  Premium Support (separately or as part
      of your subscription of Quicken 2018 Premier or above) call the number
      that can be found at the top of the My Account page at  next to "Quicken Premium
    • Other links or phone numbers
      found elsewhere on the Internet may not be from Quicken or may not be
      up-to-date. Use those at your own risk.
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    Hi William,

    I’m sorry for the trouble you are having with this error. There is a 15500error that is returned by a Direct Connect financial institution as OL-332-A error in Quicken, whichtranslates to:

    "Quicken wasunable to update your accounts because the customer ID or password entered wasrejected by your financial institution. Verify the information you entered is correctand try again. If the error continues, additional information isavailable."

    The description of this error is:

    The financial institutionsserver returned an OFX response containing an OFX error 15500. The user enteredan invalid user ID or password. Ensure that the customer ID in Account Overviewand the password entered are correct."

    To resolve this, follow the instructions in this article from theQuicken Knowledge Base:

    Message When Using Online Services: OL-332 If you're still having a problem with this error in Quicken afterfollowing these instructions, please contact your financial institution forassistance in correcting the information for your accounts on their servers. Wecannot resolve this, as we do not have access to their servers or your accountinformation held on them, in order to correct the login credentials they arerejecting as Invalid.

    If this information doesn’t answer all of your questions, please comment below so we can help you get the answers you need, as quickly as possible.

    To help other users who may be having a similar problem, please select the blue LIKE button at the top of this post, if this information was helpful and resolved the issue.

    I hope this helps,
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    The solutions you describe above are not the problem.  This problem because either Quicken changed how they are sending the data or American Funds changed the web site so Quicken no longer works with the web site.  I had this site working for the last several years and error just started happening out of the blue without me changing anything in quicken or on the American Funds website.  I have logged into the American Funds website with my credentials several times without issue since.  As a result, this is a quicken programming issue in how it deals with that website.
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    It appears that you have been using Express Web Connect.  The preferred way is to use Direct Connect if American Funds supports it.

    Quicken Dave or UKR: Please step and issue the change to Direct Connect instructions if you think that will help. 

    I promise I will have them on hand next time this comes up.
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    I apologize for being a pain, but nothing you have provided above helped my situation.  Furthermore, I have been a quicken user for over 20 years and have been downloading data from American Funds with Quicken for at least the last 5 years.  Furthermore, I changed nothing in my password vault and I didn't change anything at the American Funds website and have logged into the website several times since this problem started.  The only change the change that occurred in September when everything stopped working is a quicken update related to your separation from Intuit.  Logic only concludes that the problem I am experiencing is the result of something quicken changed.  I would request this be elevated if at all possible because I have experience this problem twice before with another financial institution.  Thanks for your time. 
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    You can only download from your AmericanFunds retirement account with Web Connect (i.e. manually) since the change over from Intuit. This is the way we used to download years ago, before Express Web Connect and Direct Connect. 
    Log on to and go to the Account Activity tab. Set the dates you want to download and click the DOWNLOAD TO QUICKEN button. 
    Yes, it's a pain. But this in not Quickens fault. Looks like American Funds doesn't want to allow Quicken direct access. Maybe they are worried about the security of user names and passwords. ???

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