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I use my brokerage account for automatic payment of a number of bills from mortgage to utilities. When I click on an entry, the category shows. However, I cannot seem to figure a way to have an entire column to the overall listing. Is there a way?



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    The bad news is that you are stuck with the default column configuration in investment accounts.

    The good news is that there is an alternative configuration which can help with your situation.
    I would suggest you try the option of creating a linked cash account - a checking account automatically linked to your brokerage account. With this configuration, all cash transactions appear in the checking account - the cash balance of the brokerage account is always zero.

    The first step is to make a backup of your file - just in case.
    With your brokerage account displayed, click on the gear icon - upper right.
    Select Edit Account Details.
    Select "Show cash in a checking account"
    QWin will create a new checking account that is linked to the brokerage account.
    You can configure the checking account just as you would any typical checking account.

    Your routine cash payment transactions will be recorded in the checking account.

    Note that investment transactions involving cash will be recorded in the brokerage account with the cash automatically transferred to/from the linked checking account. Examples - Buy, Sell and Div transactions will record as BuyX, SellX and DivX.

    Also note that this configuration is reversible if you decide that it does not suit your needs. Simply reverse the selection of a linked checking account in the Account Details.
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    So you have an attached Cash account? (Fidelity Brokerage and an associated Fidelity Cash Acct., for example. I do the same.  (If you don't have an associated cash account see if you can set one up).
    To make things easy to see I use a two line display (From within the cash account Click Ctrl + 2  Or click on the "gear" Icon near the top of the screen and select 2 line display).  On the second line there are places for memo and category - easy to see.  Now use renaming rules. Tools>Renaming rules. At present your payments come down as something like "Bill payment Eversource ...."  Rename that to "Eversource."

    Finally Edit>preferences>downloaded transactions Set "Automatically Categorize Transactions" and under Your renaming rules set  "Use my existing renaming rules".

    If you have split transactions  Edit>Preferences>Register Click on Automatically enter split data.

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