2nd posting: Security cash account changed to minus balance after update

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A Zero Security Cash account has changed to the original purchase price as a minus after update.

Windows 7 Quicken Premier 2017

received a second request for a new password for Quicken when I opened
it Sat. 11/4/17.  So I did it again using the same one I did the first
time it asked. It said to follow the instructions.  There were no

Under Investments, I did the one step update. 
There were my quotes update, and a Quicken update.  I unchecked the
Quicken update and updated my quotes.  (Quotes is all I use online.)
Then I did the one step update again for the Quicken update.  It said it
was 15.  Help>About was already 15 but I updated again anyhow. 

Now the cash account for one of my securities is
showing a minus amount, which amount is the original purchase amount in
1970.  It should be zero, and has been zero.  This is a preferred stock
and never updates a quote.  This security was originally in my Money
2007 program which I converted to Quicken in 2011 in October 2011, 
using Quicken’s instructions.  There was one glitch which I found and
corrected.  There has been nothing this seriously messed up since then.

Can you tell me what happened.  How do I fix this?


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    It sounds like you are describing several different problems. Is there one in particular that you want to focus on?

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    Hi mshiggins.

    Thank you for your reply. No, it's just one issue I talk about here. (I do have several other issues after updates these last couple months, but haven't gotten into them.....yet.) According to the community guidelines, it says to be as specific as possible. Obviously that proved confusing.

    The issue is the zero balance in a security's cash account that turned into a minus amount after the update on 11/4. The now minus amount is the amount I originally paid for the security. But the company has redeemed this stock so the issue is now moot. I fudged it to zero it out again.
    Thank you again for your reply.

    Happy Holidays.
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    My interpretation of what you are trying to describe:
    Before the program update, you had an investment account with an Opening Balance of $0, a purchase of a security for $X, and whatever additional transactions took place over the years.  The final transaction in the account left the account with no shares of any security and a $0 cash balance.  

    After the program update, the original cash balance went negative $X and that also became the ending cash balance for the account.  

    If that interpretation is close, then I would be looking at those original transactions.  The Opening Balance might have changed (if so, change it back to $0).  That first purchase might have been a BuyX transaction taking the cash for the purchase from a different account.  After the update that transactions might have been changed (if so, change it back).  

    The basic concept here is to determine what changed and then change it back.  I can't rationally speculate on why this cropped up in your data.  

    You could also try restoring a backup file with the updated program to see if that goes more smoothly.  Be cautious not to overwrite your current data.  

    FWIW:  I am now on QW2017 R15 25.15.5 and saw no such issue arise in my data.  
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