QWin 2018: Crash when updating securities in broker online account

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Consistent, reproducible crash in Quicken 2018 (and prior version 2015), when an online brokerage account attempts to register a new security (e.g. when a fund purchases a new security).

When I trap in MSDEV, I find only this:

Unhandled exception at 0x771CA849 (ntdll.dll) in qw.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted (parameters: 0x77205910)

I'm surprised such unhandled exceptions can persist in this software.  Anyone else report this?


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    To be able to give
    you a correct answer, we need to know what version, feature level and release
    of Quicken you are using.  An answer
    given for one product may not apply to the other.

    Which version of
    Quicken do you have: Quicken Mac or Quicken for Windows?

    If Quicken for

    • Do you have the US or the
      Canadian version?
    • Which feature level do you

      US (up to 2017): "Starter Edition", "Deluxe",
      "Premier", "Home & Business", "Rental
      Property Manager"

      US (as of 2018): "Starter Edition", "Deluxe",
      "Premier", "Home, Business & Rental Property

      Canadian: Cash Manager, Home & Business
    • What version (year 20xx) and
      release level do you have?

      Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to
      determine year/version and release.

    What version of
    Windows or Mac OS are you using?

    Please provide more
    details about your Quicken data file.

    I'd like to know if
    you have account registers with > 10,000 transactions.

    Also, how many securities do you have in your data file?

    And I'd also like to
    see the "File Information" window 
    (See below)

    About file size and number of transactions:

    You can find out how
    many transactions you have in your data file by doing this:

    - Click Tools / Account List. This should tell you how many transactions you
    have in each of your accounts in an optional column, "# of

    If this column is not shown in the Account List, click the Options button at
    the bottom of the Account List window, then click "Number of
    Transactions" to add the column.

    - Click Help in the
    Menu Bar. CTRL+click About Quicken and it'll give you a File Information box.
    Please capture an image snapshot of this File Information box and attach it

    The Windows Snipping Tool (available with Windows 7 and newer) can be used to
    capture a partial screen image and save it to a file of file type PNG, JPG, or

    To attach the image
    here, start composing your response. At the bottom of the text entry window
    you'll see a row of icons beginning with B I U S

    Click the camera
    icon (not the video camera icon). It will allow you to select and upload the
    captured image file from your computer. The captured image will be inserted at
    wherever the cursor is located in the text.

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    Current version: Quicken Premier, 2018, version R3, Build  The same symptoms also occurred with my prior version, Quicken 2015 Premier

    When looking at the account list, the number of transactions in my Investment accounts is under 100 for most and 630 for the largest.  The total # transactions over all accounts (of all types) is ~39k.
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    Chances are you are having problems with a damaged Price History.
    your Quicken data file. It may have become damaged over time or if you ever had
    crashes, hang-ups or loops while running Quicken. Repeated crashes may
    eventually render a data file "broken beyond repair".

    Please run this procedure, skipping no steps:

    - Make a copy of your data file: Click File / File Operations / Copy.  Do not change any Copy Option settings. Save
    file under a new name in same folder as current Quicken data file.  (The Copy process appears to be performing a
    record-by-record copy of the data file and not just a simple binary image copy.
    This has been reported as recovering some otherwise not repairable

    - Open the copied file in Quicken.

    - Click File / File Operations / Validate and Repair. Click "Validate
    File", "Rebuild investing lots" and "Delete investing price history", check to make sure the
    copied file is being validated, click OK. Let it run.

    - Fix any errors logged as not repaired by Quicken.

    - Now close and restart Quicken using this new file and try your failing action
    again. If it works, keep using the new file and abandon the old one.

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, you may have no recourse but to restore your
    Quicken data file from a Manual or Automatic Backup taken prior to the problem
    first occurring, if necessary going back to older backups until you find a file
    that does not exhibit these symptoms.

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    Thank you i had this same issue and steps above resolved it
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