QWin 2017: How to enter profit sharing retirement plan for private company (stocks)

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Using Quicken 2017 Windows (Deluxe or Premier or whatever).

My employer is a privately held company. They have a Profit Sharing Retirement Plan. The plan consists of shares of the companies privately help stock. So every 90 days or so I get a statement that says I own x number of shares each of which have a value of y, and my vesting percent is ZZ%. 

How can I enter this in Quicken? I assume I add a security (which I have done) and then "buy" so many shares? What about vesting percent, just ignore that?



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    It's been a few years since I dealt with this but basically what I did was create 2 securities.  1 for the unvested shares and 1 for the vested shares.  When shares vested I would remove unvested shares and add vested shares.  Since the unvested shares have no value other than to track a number of shares I would set the unvested security at $0 (i.e the quote) and then update the price for the vested security (since this has value to you).  Alternatively if you want to track the price of the unvested shares to understand what you might potentially have in the future just be sure not to include that security in any net worth type reports.
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