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I am using Quicken for Windows 2017.  I have added a 529 plan from the South Carolina Future Scholar program that does not offer the ability to download transactions into Quicken.  So, I set up the 529 account in Quicken; however, the portfolios are identified by CUSIP instead of by ticker symbols.  So, I created a security manually for each portfolio and then entered the prices manually.  Is this the best way to set up the 529 account in Quicken?  Is there any other way to update the prices for the portfolios rather than having to update them manually all the time?


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    Yes, that is likely the best way.

    It is unlikely there another "practical" way to get prices entered. Note that you can enter the prices in a portfolio or holdings view, if you are not doing that already.
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    Some sites allow 'aggregator' access to at least automate the transaction download process but you might still have to tweak the info to match what you see on the 529 site.
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