Can't set up download for Voya IRA

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This problem occurs with Quicken Deluxe 2017 and 2018 (Windows 10)

I click 'Set up Download' for my Voya IRA account.  I get the 'Activate One Step Update' dialog, which tries to create a new account.  I already have this account, so I don't need to create it.  I just want to activate the download feature.

I've been having trouble with downloading this account, which is why I deactivated downloading and am trying to reactivate it.

I would appreciate any help.


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    I don't yet use Quicken versions that you do. However, is there "Reset Account" button? Try that option, if it is present. There is one in Quicken '16 Premier in Account Details window.  
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    I think that's what I clicked to get me in the condition I'm in now.  I'm trying to reconnect the account to download transactions, but it keeps trying to create a new account.
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    I've been successful using a clue from another post suggesting you Add an Account, and add "@voya" to the end of your Voya login name when that Quicken window pops up.  Was then able to link to my existing Quicken account for Voya and all looks to be updated and good to go.
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    I started having this same issue with starting 20 July 2019
    IRA Accounts use only the login username and do not add @voya.
    Voya is unsure why started.
    Tis applies to the App on my iPhone NETXInvestor
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