Missing security from security list and price not updating QWIN 18 R4.6

Peter L
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I have a security I have owned for a long time and one I owned a long time ago and recently repurchased The prices no longer update on the daily update but update next day instead. The securities show in my holdings but do not show in my security list. this began happening in the past week or two.


  • UKR
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    Pull up the Security List and make sure that "Show hidden securities" at the bottom of the window has a checkmark.

    Is the security marked hidden?
    Is the security using the correct Security Type: Stock, Mutual Fund, etc. Anything but Market Index.

  • Peter L
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    that fixed the problem, I was confused because the securities showed in my holdings report, prices were being updated nest day and in one case I had held the security for a long time and it was not an issue before.
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