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I am using Quicken Premier 2015 on a Windows system and have been entering 10 separate mutual fund transactions (buys and reinvested dividends/capital gains) over the last 25 years.  I have many transactions since most buys were monthly.  I would like to display each of the 10 mutual fund transactions so I can see/confirm cost basis before and/or after selling each mutual fund.  Is there anyway to run a report that would provide that data (purchase dates, purchase prices, purchase amounts, and reinvested amounts)? 


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    If you choose (or customize) a portfolio view (Ctrl-U) to have the applicable columns, and for that view choose Group By: Accounts, then you have the option to expand each holding to show its individual lots.  Click the + by each security or the "Expand All" button at the bottom.  

    The Quote/Price column will reflect the bought price for each lot and the current (As Of) price for the entire security.  

    You can print that view also -- Ctrl-P from the view (or File -- Print Portfolio ...).

    The Capital Gains report will also detail date bought, cost, date sold, sale amount for each lot sold.  

    The preset Tax Implications portfolio view also may be helpful.  
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    Great, thanks for the help.  Now that I am retired and pulling money instead of pushing it this allows me to double check what the investment company sends me for the 15 April activity (federal taxing).  Thanks again, I feel sure your answer will help others in our community.
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