quicken doesn't handle intrabank transfers

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I have an auto xfer from a checking acct to a saving acct. I do a direct download and an entry is created in the chkg acct and QW also creates one in the saving acct. When the saving acct is later downloaded (because it posts at a later date) it is not matched to the transaction created by the checking download and creates another entry in the saving account. I end up with 2 entries, one with a posting date (downloaded) and one with no posting date (QW created). There is also no way to change the matching transfer so there is no way to correct this problem manually.

It seems to me that when QW creates the saving record it should set the date as the chkg POST date. It does not - it sets it as the chkg DATE. I don't know if that would allow it to match the transactions, but it is driving my wife crazy and guess who has to listen to her.

Does anyone know a fix I missed?


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    I believe you can click on the clock icon on the downloaded transaction in the account register and select to match the transaction to the transaction created from the checking account download.

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    Instead of accepting the transaction, do a right click on the new transaction and select manual match. you should be able to then match it to the onw already in the register.

    This happens to me once in a while. One that is easy to correct than I have seen is that the date of the transaction already in the register is dated past the one just down loaded.

    Try making some changes to the one that it should match to. Quicken will do a match once it is "happy"..

    On recurring transactions I do try to resolve so I don't have to do it again, One time sometimes I just manually match.

    I started training my wife several months ago on how to us quicken just in case something happens to me. The manual match has been one of those things hard to remember.

    I have been using Quicken since the very early DOS days so its not always easy to train when it just seems ingrained.

    Good Luck.

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    For transfers like this I always recommend that you set up and use a scheduled transfer reminder.
    Enter this reminder a day or two before the due date so that you have a proper pair of mated transfer transactions in your register already. When you download transactions from the bank after due date, Quicken should be able to match the downloaded transaction to the existing transfer transaction and not cause a duplicate or other problems.

    There isn't enough information provided in the transaction download for transfer transaction for Quicken to automatically do it correctly, all the time.

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    From C. D. Bales:

    You can also enable the Quicken Preference to "Scan downloaded transactions for possible transfers" (I suggest you select the option to "Confirm possible transfers before entering in register". [See Edit > Preferences > Transfer detection]

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