Reconcile 'R' transactions beyond end date for ETrade Cash Account

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I reported this back in the older versions too, in 2018 version still happens.  Reconcile Etrade Cash account today, end date 12/31/2017.   There are already downloaded transactions for Jan in the register.   So you do the Reconcile and only shows the items through 12/31, ensure all checked (they may have been by default), then click ok and has to do an adjusting entry because balance is off, the amount it is off are the items for Jan.   When done and you look in the register the Jan items all have 'R' but never in the list and no way for me to uncheck them.  This started in the 2017 version I think.


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    What Reconcile Ending Balance are you entering?
    If you're reconciling to the 12/31/17 statement, you should enter the paper statement's ending (or closing) cash balance as of 12/31/17.

    If transactions that you entered into your register with a 01/xx/18 (January) date have already cleared in December, you entered them incorrectly.
    For example, a check you wrote and mailed in December for a credit card payment due in January should have been recorded with the date when you wrote the check, not the future January due date.

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    Yes, entering the 12/31/17 ending balance from the statement, the problem is quicken is broken.  I've used it since the DOS days, it is including register transactions beyond the ending date (not listing them, but including them in the calcs and clearing them when you complete the reconcile).  The amount it's off is by exactly the amount of the other transactions.   This got broke in the 2017 version I believe it was.  I know the 2013 version worked, and I think I upgraded in 2016, then 17 now 18.
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    This has been fixed for the past few months.  Finally!! Thanks!
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