Income doesn't show up on "Income, Expenses & Profit/Loss" graph (QWin HB&RP 2018)

Maybe I don't know what I'm looking for, but I'm expecting any income to show up on the subject graph. 

The opening screen under the Business tab has a Profit/Loss tab which shows a bar chart with Income, Expenses, and Profit/Loss on the horizontal axis.  For me, nothing shows up for Income even though I have received payments from customers.  My process is to create an invoice with the Invoice wizard and enter payment using the Receive Payment button on the invoice created using the wizard.  The payment is entered and transferred directly into the business account.  Since all invoices have been paid, the AR balance is always zero.

What am I missing/doing wrong/not understanding?


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    For a small business income to show up in Income graphs and reports, the income - related transactions must use categories who are connected to tax - related line items of Schedule C. For example:

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