How to delete/edit wrong/double rent entrty in rental propert2016-17 edition?

How to delete/edit if rent was entered twice for same month in quicken Home, Business and Rental property software 2016/17 edition. Do not see anything to make correction.


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    From C. D. Bales:

    Rent is entered as a transaction in a Quicken account: if you entered rent "twice for the same month", you entered two rent transactions. Delete the extra/incorrect rent transaction from the Quicken account where it was posted.

    There are several ways to locate transactions (using Global Search or a Banking > Transactions report - looking for Payee or Categories, for example).

    If you use the "Enter Rent" dialog, a helpful clue should be that the Enter Rent dialog displays the "Account to use" for a given tenant: that account is where your extra rent transaction should be.

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