Resetting & Adjusting the Rent Payment Date in Rental Property Manager

Using Q-17 RPM.  When entering rents, once you enter a tenants name Q will auto populate "Account to Use", "Date" and "Rent Received."  And, each time you enter a tenants rent Q advances the "Date" by one month.  If the tenant makes two partial payments the "Date" advances twice.  After a year of multiple payments the "Date" is way off.  Is there a way to reset the auto populated "Date"?

Also if a tenant moves in mid month the auto populated "Date" reflects the move-in date.  But I always prorate the rent so future rent payments are due on the 1st of each month.  So is there a way to adjust the "Due Date"?


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    From C. D. Bales:

    "Is there a way to reset the auto populated 'Date'?" No.

    "So is there a way to adjust the 'Due Date'?" No.

    They're really the same date.

    To get control of the rent payments:

    - Backup.

    - Delete the Quicken-created rent income Reminder.

    - Create your own rent reminder:

    -- Due on date (and frequency) = your choice

    -- Payee name = Tenant name

    -- Category = a valid Rental Income category (use Quicken's pre-populated categories or make sure yours has the Schedule E rent income tax line item


    -- Tag = the Property tag created by Quicken when you added the Property in the Rent Center

    This should get you all the versatility you need with only one (what I believe to be a minor cost): you can no longer use the "Enter Rent" dialog in the Rent Center to enter your rent. The Reminder can tell you when to enter it, and give you the dialog to complete the entry.

    I also suggest you consider setting up an intermediate account in which to post the rent payments. That will better allow you to process rent payments that are not "in full" and/or do not fall within the month to which they apply. See:
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    Thank You!  It would be nice if Q would do a little programming so the "Enter Rent" dialog box would work better. 
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    It would be nice if Quicken did a lot of things to the Rental side of the product, but honestly most of the dialogues and entry boxes over there are mostly worthless.  They are all 'canned' in what they do and it's often wrong for the way you want to do it.  As mshiggins mentions, the register in Quicken is still your best friend and you can do things manually the dialogues will come nowhere close to doing at this stage.
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