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I have seen previous messages regarding why ADP Retirement for 401K ( is not available on Quicken but it is available on MINT.  These messages are over 6 years old and still this FI is not added.  Why?  Surely after 6 years Intuit would have been able to get the security or contractual relationships done if a sister product can.  I know they are different products but that is like saying the left hand can't do what the right hand can.  

Please add this to the FI list...People need it.


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    14677 14677 14677 ADP Retirement Services 1-866-269-8268 ACTIVE   401K&WEB-CONNECT     NOT_QBP NA

    The above entry is in my list of supported banks and brokerages.
    Is that the company you're looking for? I notice that the website is different, though.

    Have you tried this
    yet (if your bank recently changed their website or password requirements)?

    How to refresh financial institution information

    If that doesn't
    resolve the issue:

    • It's the bank's contractual
      obligation to notify Intuit Inc. and/or Quicken Inc. of any changes to
      their websites and download functions in a timely manner before the change
      is implemented.
    • The bank also needs to notify
      their customers of this change and any actions that might be required by
      the customer to regain access.
    • Complain to your bank's upper
      level management.
    • Contact Quicken Support via
      Chat or Phone at  and report this Online Banking issue.

    Please let us know
    if you were able to get it resolved through Support (or not).

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    I did it!  Here's how.  There is no automatic web connect or direct connect.  It's now a QFX (web connect) manual download.  (Thanks, ADP...)

    Once you log into, go to "Transaction History," and when you run a transaction report, it gives you the option to "Download to Quicken."  This will result in a QFX file landing on you computer, which you can import into Quicken.
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    ADP Retirement Services 401(k) is Web Connect, only.
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    Yes, ADP Retirement is Web Connect, where you download your transactions directly and import them into Quicken.  It is not "Express" Web Connect, Quicken Connect or Direct Connect, where Quicken communicates directly with the financial institution.   Better than a stick in the eye.
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