home business rental - how to undo all the rental info

I set up and started using the rental module of Q-18 HBR this January. I now realize that I made some unrecoverable errors (since rental payments can't be edited) and would like to start over with an improved understanding of how I should set up the data relationships. What is the correct procedure for removing all of the rental module information (renters, property, etc.)? I really want them gone, not just hidden. I realize that I may need to adjust some register entries if the rent amounts are removed (I don't think they will be because they are not in Rental module form any more). - andy


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    Hi Andyc3,

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to delete the rental property info you mention.  Either you will have to start over with a new file or hide the ones you already have, delete the offending transactions/accounts they are in and go from there.
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    I don't understand why you can't remove Tenants and Property. If I understand it correctly, you just need to go to Rental Property tab, click Properties & Tenants and click Show Tenants List. From there, you can delete the tenant. Same goes to property. 
    Or, what is actually your issue?
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    Ha, Nordin Ka is right.  Properties & Tenets, open the show property or show tenet and from the subsequent screen you can delete them.

    You should make a backup first and try it just in case it breaks something you didn't know about!
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    thanks for the suggestions. I finally got my lab laptop set up and worked out the rental property clean up details. The clean-up steps basically follow data base dependency relationships. As follows:
    1. Search for rental tags in the rental register. This can be done easily with a category report. Delete every rental property tag. 
    2.  In the Rental Property Tab, navigate to Properties & Tenants and then Show Tenant List. Delete each tenant in turn and click <done>
    3. In the Rental Property Tab, navigate to Properties &  Tenants and then Show Property List. Delete the property and click <Done>
    4. At this point, the delete process has failed to remove various rental-related accounts that were originally created in the rental property set up process. So under the Property & Debt section  one needs to delete the Security Deposit account and the Property Asset account. In my specific case each of those accounts also had three related "temp" accounts name ACCT_##### (where # is an alphanumeric character). These were empty of transactions so can easily be deleted by clicking the right clicking the account line, selecting the edit/delete and then clicking the <Delete> button. I'm guessing that other setups may have other accounts such as loans that also need to be removed. 

    Overall, the problem is that the software's process to delete the property fails to remove the property's transaction register entries for the property itself and for various rental income and expenses. That's why I asked the question in the first place - hoping someone had worked out the  full cleanup pathway. The situation I found is similar to Windows App removal. Once that process completes, one needs to edit the registry to remove all the entries that the App installation process had inserted but the app removal software neglected to code for removal.

    Quicken team: can you please set up a more thorough Property delete function and Tenant delete function. Thanks.
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