Cannot Find Any of My ETFs in Quicken 2018 Canada

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Currently using Quicken 2018 Canada Home and Business R3.12

I am trying to add 5 ETF to my investing account and they cannot be found by the stock look up. The tickers are ZAG, VCN, XAW, XEC, XEF, XUU. These are all traded on the TSE.


Can these be added, or an someone let me know how to get these to add?



  • ColinGruchy
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    Hi - Don't enter the symbol in the search window.  Click on the "add manually" link at the bottom left.  Then put the symbol and other details on that screen.  For example, I successfully added ZAG by selecting Toronto as the exchange and Stock as the type.
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    Thank you!

    That got them all 5 into the stock list and downloading quotes!
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