How Do I provide access to the rental portion of quicken to my property manager Quicken Home Busines

I purchased quicken Home Business Rental. My rental is in another state. How can I give my property manager access to my quicken Rental to properly manage my rental accounting.


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    Hi Frank, appreciate your question.

    A recommendation is to setup a remote access to your computer via a remote access program (TeamViewer, etc.) and then they would be able to access the program and perform the tasks remotely.

    I hope this helps.

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    Just be aware of the fact that Quicken is NOT multi-user capable. It's designed to be run on one computer and accessed by one user only. Any attempts to work around this limitation will eventually lead to damage of your Quicken data file.

    If you must have shared, simultaneous multi-user access to your data, Quicken is not for you.
    You'd have to use an appropriate multi-user version of QuickBooks or any other multi-user capable rental management software package instead.

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    You might have your out-of-state property manager also buy/subscribe to Q-RPM and then you could e-mail back and forth the Quicken file.
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