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When I generate a Tax Summary or Tax Schedule Report (Home & Business 2015 R16.1) the reinvested dividends received on my investments are all reported in the "Description" field as the number of shares purchased, followed by the investment name such as "0.186 Voya Russia Fund Class A (LETRX)".  This seriously impedes my ability to compare my Quicken data to my 1099s.  Why is this doing it?  Is it the way I enter my dividends (Alt+V - Reinvested)? If so, what do I need to do differently?


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    You are entering the transactions correctly - this is just the way QWin has worked for a long time. Agree it is annoying for the exact reason you outline. Why? - only the developers could explain.

    Meanwhile I can offer my solution to comparing the details in QWin and the 1099's;

    Run the Reports > Investing > Investment Income report.
    Customize for date range and desired account.
    In the resulting report - drill down on Dividends - double-click the amount for Dividends.
    You get a op-up report detailing all dividends - including reinvested dividends.
    Select Subtotal by Security.
    You now have a report to aid in the review process.
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