How to create invoice for rental property

Q18HBR. I managed 3 rental vacation home and promoting them using booking service. Every month, booking will send me the invoice for successful booking by my client.

In Quicken, I need to create an invoice of this and tag it to the corresponding rental unit so that I can monitor the expense associated with each of them.

How can I do this? Tried with no avail except by using business tag, which is not suppose to be.


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    From C. D. Bales:

    Unless there has been some change starting in Q2018, Rental Property features are not integrated with Business features ... and invoices are a business feature.

    While you cannot assign a Rental Property tag to an invoice, you can assign a Rental Property tag to individual line items in an invoice.

    In Customer invoices, you can use invoice items that you create for your properties - those invoice items can have the Rental Property tag already assigned. You just select the appropriate invoice item from the invoice line drop down.

    Vendor invoices don't use Quicken "invoice items", so to assign tags to vendor invoices, you need to suffix the tag to the invoice line item category when creating the invoice, separating the tag from the category by a forward slash.

    [Leave the Business Tag field blank in Rental Customer/Vendor invoices.]

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    Ahha... That's the correct answer. Not documented anywhere I think. 
    By using the forward slash after the category, I managed to successfully tag the corresponding rental property for the vendor invoice.
    Thank you mshiggins.
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