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Had the typical problem syncing Quicken (2017) with Voya. Online instructions at Voya were either out of date or not available.  I called and they instructed me to do this - and it solved my problem:

Your user name is whatever your website user name is AND @ [your plan name].  For example, if you work for Aetna, and your user name is your email, the Quicken login would be: [email protected]@Aetna.   If your user name is not an email, use it and the @[plan], so [email protected]  If you work for Booz Allen, it'll be [email protected]

Then use your regular online password.

Worked like a charm!


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    Thank you.  I have trying to figure this out for months.  Voya's website says to enter your [email protected][your plan name].  They neglect to mention to substitute your [user name] if you have updated your log in credentials.
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    I've been successful using a clue from another post suggesting you Add an Account, and then add "@voya" to the end of your Voya login name when that Quicken window pops up.  Was then able to link to my existing Quicken account for Voya and all looks to be updated and good to go.
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    Thank you thank you thank you. 

    Been trying to figure this out for 30 minutes.

    Why doesn't Voya update their instructions?
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