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I update share prices daily for my mutual funds. Lately I'm noticing that when I update share prices, Quicken will sometimes change yesterday's price to today's price, so that it appears there was no change from yesterday to today when in fact there was. For example, it a fund price yesterday was 78.75 and today it's 79.02, when I update the share prices today, Quicken will change yesterday's price to 79.02 so it looks like the price didn't change, when it fact it was up $0.27. It doesn't happen every time and it doesn't always happen on the same funds. It's hit and miss. But I've started having to check every price and make manual corrections, which is a pain! I'm using Quicken Premier for Windows 2017 on a Windows 10 machine.


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    Try downloading prices after 5 pm PST. That has worked for me and a few others. I have had incorrect prices when downloading earlier in the day. There are a few other threads discussing this.
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    Thanks. I'll try that and report back.
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    I was just about to post this same issue. I've seen this exact behavior beginning a few weeks ago. It overwrites the prior day's quote with the current day's quote. I've only seen it happen with mutual funds, and it seems to be completely random (note: I never dload quotes before 6:30). So far, I'm unable to discern any pattern to the incidents. It happens in multiple accounts from multiple brokerage firms, multiple asset classes (of MFs), and multiple fund families. I rarely, if ever, observe a repeat with the same fund. On any given day, it can happen to one fund, several or none at all. On average, I experience an incident one or two days a week. 
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    I'm bumping the year-old+ thread to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue and/or has any thoughts on how to deal with it. It's been happening to me from time to time, but lately its been more often, and with more MFs per day.

    An additional datapoint to my previous post: Oftentimes, when the update overwrites the prior days quote, it will then correct itself with a later update (note: I never update before 6:30PM ET). This sequence of events happens so often that I began to think that this is how Quicken is programmed to work, even though it makes little sense. Lately, its not self correcting as often.
    Sometimes, even if I manually enter a quote, it still changes the prior day's number. It this case, it will never self-correct.

    Finally, if I update quotes several hours after the close (say 10-11PM ET), this never occurs, leading me to believe its some type of quirk within the update process. I've run Validate several times, with nothing found.

    I'm using Q2019 (latest) on WIN 10.
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