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With this Rental Management software, does it allow storing of data of appliances installed to a unit such as model numbers, brand, extended warranty. I would like to click on a property and see all the appliance details.

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    Hello JR,

    That is a great question and welcome to the Community! 

    Quicken Rental Property has the ability to store documents by Property or Tenant name but not by individual unit number.  A single document can be attached to the Property, with the information listed by Unit, or one document per Unit can be attached to the Property so it's already broken down for you.
    image          image    

    Or the information can be added/attached when a new tenant is entered and the appliance information or other documents stored by unit under the tenants name.

    image  image

    I hope this information helps but please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns that the Community can assist with.

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