Key Investments/Pershing/NetXInvestor

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The following worked for me in getting transaction downloads for Key Investment Services:
1.    Call the KIS service number and get log in credentials for, which consists of the KIS code, HQA, a UserID, and a Password, which are different from those used to login at the site.  Okay, you can use the same user ID, but the PW is limited to 12 alphanumeric characters and no symbols.
2.    Then, in Quicken, go to set up online services.  Select "NetXinvestor" as the financial institution, use HQAUserID and Password for the log in credentials and this does it.  Note the "HQA" is the Netxinvestor company code for KIS, and UserID and Password are what you set up as login credentials at the NetXinvesotor site.
3.    KIS can be accessed either though the site or through
4.    An analogous procedure presumably could be used for other brokerage houses using Pershing and/or NetxInvestor as their online platform.


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