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Is it possible to export the historical security price listing from Quicken?  I would be most interested in exporting in an Excel compatible format, but would be satisfied to be able to export in any format.


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    Through the security details, you can access and edit the price history information.  From that listing, there is a Printer icon option.  Through that icon, you can then switch to exporting the data to a text file, a tab-delimited file, or a PRN file.  

    Option 2:  File / Export / QIF option, Security selection will include the price history info for all (all applicable to the account?) securities.  That option may be preferable when trying to recreate price history data within Quicken rather than your presented direction.  I would not recommend QIF for your case.
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    Thanks.  Method 1 worked exactly as I was looking for.  I hadn't thought of using the print function to export.  Thanks for your help.
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