how to transfer shares with multiple lots without losing history

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I just closed a brokerage account, transferring the shares to another account. I thought I had done that I'd done everything correctly, only to discover that share balances on several securities were off and the some of the cost history had been lost. After some experimentation (restoring from backups), I finally figured it out.
Start with the FROM account
1) download your transactions
2) In the "Edit Transaction" window, change the transaction from "Remove" to  "Shares transferred between accounts"3) Select the transfer TO account and "All" shares (or partial, if that's what you're doing)(*) At this point, Quicken will generate 1 transaction for each lot with date and price

In the TO account1) download your transactions2) If you only have one lot, it will match and you can safely accept it
3) For the multiple lots you may get a "near match" or a "new" status -- verify for each security that the totals of the Quicken-generated transactions match your To accounts "added" total, then delete these transactions.(*) If you "accept" the transaction on a near match, Quicken will update the quantity and clear out the cost price. Your share balance will be off along with the price history.


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    Carol, thanks for posting your experience transferring shares from one account to another.

    An alternative approach is to deactivate the existing account's online services, change the financial institution, then reactivate online services. You can enter a reminder transaction to note the date the transfer took place.

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