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I am trying to create a new investment account for Robert W. Baird & Co. and it doesn't show up.

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I selected investing>investing account>add account.  Then I selected brokerage.  For the name of the brokerage I selected Rowbert W. Baird & Co.  I then input the Baird User ID and Baird Password.  I tell it to save the password and select connect.  It indicates it is looking for my accounts band shows a progress circle.  It finally comes back to the investment screen but nothing shows for Baird.  I've also tried selecting IRA instead of brokerage but get the same result.  How do I get this to work.

I am using Quickens 2016 Premier on a Windows 10 PC.  I am using the same ID and password as I used to log into the Baird online site.


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    I called my broker and was able to resolve the issued.  I opened the online account today and it takes 24 hours for the account to interface with Quickens.
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    You may want to wait another day or two, until you can see that at least one transaction has posted to your new account at the broker's website.
    If you want to create the accounts in Quicken right now, especially if you are transferring shares from another brokerage account, you can do so by selecting "I want to add transactions manually". You can always connect the accounts for downloading in a couple of days.
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