Half yearly rents in Rental property

Using Quicken 2018 Home, Business & Rental property
I want to use half year rent and not monthly
i do not want Rent center to remind me monthly


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    Thank you, but difficult for me, I am not in USA
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    amer said:

    Thank you, but difficult for me, I am not in USA

    From C. D. Bales:

    Is a "six month" lease what you're looking for?

    If so, Quicken already offers that. In the "Add" or "Edit" Rental Property Tenant dialog, open the "Terms and Agreement" tab and choose "Six month" from the Lease terms: drop down.

    If that is not what you want, you need to specify what you do want.

    Also be advised, the Reminder that Quicken creates automatically when you assign a Tenant to a Property is often a user-unfriendly Reminder. You can delete that Quicken-created Reminder (from Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders) and create a Reminder of your own. A user-created rent Reminder is more user-friendly in most respects, but it will not be connected directly to the Rent Center: you'll get reminded for it just as you do for non-rental property reminders.

    And if you create your own rent Reminder and choose a Reminder frequency that the Rent Center does not support, the Rent Center will become less useful.

    "Thank you, but difficult for me, I am not in USA".


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