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I think the "?" help instruction for mutual fund conversion may be incorrect.  
Instruction 4 third item. says: "Share in new fund per held share - enter the number of new share class shares received for each original share class share. ..." 
This result in incorrect conversion.  I believe the correct instruction should read: "Total number of new fund shares - enter the total number of new fund shares received for the total number of original class imageshares..."


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    That is the same way my QW2017 reads.  I agree with your assessment.  The entered value should be total number of shares received in the conversion.  From that Quicken computes the share ratio to use for each converted lot.  

    Thanks for your post.
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    Hello Frederick Wilmar,

    Thank you for taking the time to post this issue.  I also see this wording in the QW2018 versions and have submitted a request for the content to be edited and corrected.

    Thank you again,

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