How to pay one invoice with two deposits

I have a customer who sometimes pays me with multiple account transfers.  For example, I invoice them for $1000, they send me a transfer for $400 and a transfer for $600.  How do I match both deposits to the same invoice?


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    Hi Richard,

    I have the same situation re: partial payments.  What I do....Go to Business tab>Business Actions pull-down>Invoice and Estimates>Receive a customer payment.  Image 1.

    Complete the "Payment - Customer Invoices" dialog for the first deposit, selecting the invoice the payment goes against.  Then, repeat for the second payment, again selecting the particular invoice that you did in the first entry.  Both payments are now attributed to the one invoice. Image 2

    I'm not sure how you do this more efficiently.  I see that in the "Client Invoices" register, you can enter the information directly.  But in doing this directly, I don't see where to reference the invoice, which is important for a host of reports and views.

    Does this help?

    QW 2018 HBR

    Image 1


    Image 2

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    If your customer pays you with an electronic transfer directly to your checking account you've got to do it differently.
    Quicken is designed to work properly only if you use the available transaction dialogs directly in the Customer Invoices account.
    If you accept a downloaded transaction from your checking account and change it to be
    - Payee Name = Customer Name and
    - Category = transfer to your [Customer Invoices] account
    you'll end up with a Refund or Credit type transaction in your Customer Invoices account which isn't associated with a specific invoice. So your invoices won't get marked as paid.
     The only way around this is to set the checking account to "Manually review and accept downloaded transactions".
    Perform the transaction download and begin reviewing and accepting transactions.
    If a direct transfer payment arrives and before you accept it into the register switch to your Customer Invoices account and enter a Receive customer payment transaction.
    That makes a deposit transaction appear in your checking account.
    Switch back to the checking account. Done correctly, the downloaded transaction in the register will have changed from "New" to "Match" and, when clicked, pull up the deposit transaction you just entered. Click Accept.

    That's the only way I can think of how you can get a direct deposit transfer processed correctly in Quicken
    - without creating duplicate deposit transactions in your checking account and
    - have the payment associated correctly with an outstanding invoice.
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