banking summary report not showing credit to customer account

I am using Quicken 2018 Home, Business & Rental R9.30.  I have a customer invoice account, checking account and business account.  When using the standard banking summary, the categories are listed along with the balance.  Problem is, there are a few categories that have a credit to the customer account, but that credit is not listed in the banking summary.  I have customized the report to show all accounts, all categories, all payees, all tags, and all transactions under the advance tab, but the credits to the account do not show.  If I do a transaction report, isolating a category and the sub categories, the credits are shown.  Is there a way to get these to show? 


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    More details, please.
    How were these credit transactions created? As transfers from your checking account or by using the New Credit dialog in the Invoices account?
    What Category was assigned to the line item in the Credit transaction? Is it a proper Schedule C - category with a Schedule C tax line assigned to it?
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    The credit was created using the Business Actions->Invoices and Estimates->Issue a Credit.  It was assigned to custom expense category, which is the same category as the other items listed in the transaction and banking summary report.  It is not associated with a Schedule C tax line.
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