Recording Owner Contribution/Equity

I use Quicken 2018 Home & Business (Windows) for both personal and business.  I'm trying to determine how to reflect my personal contributions to the business on the business ledger.  These dollars are capital or equity contributions not income.  How can I add this category?

Thanks. -- tld


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    Quicken doesn’t tract that. Quicken is for self employment / sole proprietor/ independent contractors etc. not for Business entities like Partnership, LLC S Corp etc. if you need actual Business accounting you need to use QuickBooks .

    If you file a schedule C for your self employment income you do not track owner contributions. It is all your personal income and bank accounts in the first place. So it is just a Transfer from your personal bank account to the business account. It won’t be income. You can exclude transfers on your reports. The Net Profit or Loss is your personal income.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Thank you for the response.  I do not file Schedule C, so will need to take a look at QuickBooks.  Thanks, again.  -- tld
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