Q17 error i investment transactions where only name changes

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Avoid my misunderstanding that took 1.5 hrs of Quicken Support working with me. My brokerage account had investment name change but the symbol remained same.  When a screen appeared  showing the new name and asking if it matched the security shown (the symbol remained same so Quicken matched it). I replied YES, it matches. I was thinking that meant "this is the security and its name will be changed. But I was WRONG. Instead it "added" the new name and "removed" the old name in the transaction list. This caused many hours of attempts to make it right. It became more complex because there were buy/sell transactions in the mix.

Had I answered NO, "add this security to Quicken"  it would have correctly added the new name, removed the old name and all transactions would have applied correctly.

On a name change
  1. Back up Quicken data first
  2. On the Matching Transaction popup, Click No, add this security to Quicken


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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I recommend you implement a back up strategy so you always have recent backups should something like this issue occur.

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