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Just upgraded to Quicken Deluxe (Canadian) 2018 version and was hoping the "Download asset class information" would finally work.    What I've found is the that the asset class info it downloads makes no sense.   

For example, I have a number of Equity mutual funds that end up having high % (45%-87%) of Money Market asset classification which doesn't make any sense.

Has anyone else seen this or know what might be causing it?


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    Getting specific about such occurrences is usually necessary to get any sort of fix.  Like -- What funds?  It is usually caused by something wrong an the data-supplier's end.  
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    @jroberts513: I am a Canadian SuperUser who uses the Canadian version of Q.  I long ago gave up trying to use the "download asset class information" because, like you indicated, I found that it generally resulted in inaccurate allocations. That feature doesn't seem to work properly in the Canadian version, but I suspect it has to do with the way the data is provided by the supplier combined with the way asset classes are defined in Q. I also long ago decided that, for my purposes of managing asset allocation, I was better off simply manually setting a Canadian equity fund to 100% Canadian equity rather than trying to precisely account for the cash holding, etc. Part of my reasoning for this is that cash in a mutual fund is different from cash in my self directed account. One I can reallocate; the other I can't. You may or may not agree with treatment approach, but the KISS approach has proven best for me.

    Nonetheless, I am interested in seeing what results I would get for the MF that doesn't work for you. What is/are the fund code(s) for the funds that aren't correctly downloaded for you?
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