vanguard 401k downloading problems

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I've had two problems recently.
First, over the past several months I've noticed that Quicken does an incomplete download of transactions from my Vanguard 401k account.  Sometimes a few transactions are missing and other times the entire set of "Buy" transactions for a given pay period is missing.  I tried deleting the download connection and resetting downloads but that hasn't helped.
Then over the past two days I  noticed that some of my Vanguard funds
have stopped getting end of day price updates. It appears to be the ones
that Vanguard does not have a symbol associated to them. It has been
updating fine up until 2 days ago.
I'm running Quicken 2016 Premier R17.4 Build in Windows 10.
Any help to resolve these tow issues would be appreciated.  Thx.


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    The first thing I would do is to turn off automatically adding downloaded transactions to accounts so you can tell what transactions are actually being downloaded.

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    Thx however I’ve never used that option. Have always reviewed transactions before accepting them.
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