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Bill Reminders and Graph problems

Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property 2018 R2

When viewing the Bill and Income Reminders window, All Bills and Deposits tab, the graph is not showing the balance going down after making payments, even though the payments due are showing in the calendar to the right.  I see the bills are not showing up in the list above the graph either.  It appears to be an issue with linked biller accounts. Even though the linked billers show in the calendar view, they aren't showing up in the list or reducing the forecasted balance of my account.  "Sure honey, we have plenty of money to take a trip to Europe in August." NOT! It looks like I'll be unlinking accounts to fix this issue and go back to setting a fixed monthly amount (and change it myself when the next statements come out).

Update: I removed the link from a couple of accounts and guess what? It didn't affect the balance issue. Example, payment to Capital One reduced my bank balance. Payment to my Discover card and Dell line of credit account did not. It's showing the same balance the day before Dell and Discover are due as the day after. 


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    I discovered the problem with my balance issue. When I linked some of my biller accounts, the linking process somehow changed my category [transfer] from the target account to my checking account.  IOW, it changed it so I was transferring money from my checking account back into itself.  "Sorry dear, we're not going to Europe this year.".  
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    P.S. I also discovered some of the linked biller reminders had negative numbers, which made the payment look like income. I had to delete the minus sign on at least 4 reminders. "Sorry dear, no Olive Garden this week.". 
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    As I just responded in your other post https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/reminders-showing-credit-card-balance?topic-repl...
    please update Quicken to the latest fix release level. This should resolve some of your issues with Online Billers.After that, if the specific problem still persists, please post back.
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