customer invoice unpredictably categorizes as form or income (with same input) and does not apply pa

Suggested methods in support for clearing this (e.g., "unpaid invoices inaccurate", create a 'holding account' when invoiced but not yet paid, etc.) do NOT solve the problem.


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    When working with your Customer Invoices (or Vendor Invoices) accounts, all data entry must be done from within the Invoices account register.
    Recording a customer invoice payment in your checking account as a transfer to the Invoice account will record this transaction as a Refund or Credit and will not mark the invoice as paid.
    If that doesn't help solve your problems, please provide more details.
    Here at the Community we don't know what you may have discussed with Support or otherwise tried to do.
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    I routinely have Quicken update/download all transactions. Those include direct deposits corresponding to invoices. If I then go to customer invoices and enter a payment, about half the time it will ask "is this the same as deposit for same amount on x day in register?" If I say yes, it will mark the invoice paid correctly. About half the time, it won't ask the question, however, and every method I have tried to input data in the invoice account screws up the main account! I am usually pretty good at figuring out weird glitches/error patterns but I'm stumped.
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    I recommend you download, but do NOT automatically accept transactions into your checking account.
    • Review the downloaded transactions for those direct deposit transactions.
    • Switch to the Customer Invoices account register and manually enter a New Customer Payment transaction, one for each downloaded direct deposit.
    • When you're done entering payments, switch back to the checking account. You will find that the downloaded transactions now have a status of "Match", each of them referring to the payment transactions you just entered. Accept them.
    • Accept any other downloaded transactions.
    As I stated earlier, for best results Quicken requires that you enter all transactions thru the Invoices account.
    When recording transactions in the checking account as transfers to the Invoices account, Quicken will record these transactions as Refunds or Credits, not as Payments. That results in invoices not being marked as paid. And if the payee name is not an exact match to the open invoice, it will never match and mark an invoice as paid.
    The only method to mark invoices as paid is by using the New Customer Payment transaction.

    Where are the "Auto-accept downloaded
    transaction" settings?

    There are two places
    where this is controlled in Quicken for Windows:

     - Globally, for all accounts, in Edit /
    Preferences / Downloaded Transactions

     - For each account individually, the
    global setting can be overridden from the Edit Account Details screen, Online
    Services Tab. Look for blue text "Automatic Entry is: ON / OFF".
    Click the text to change the setting.

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    From C. D. Bales


    "Recording a customer invoice payment in your checking account as a transfer to the Invoice account will record this transaction as a Refund or Credit ....".

    I have tested this multiple times in multiple different Quicken versions (including Q2018) and I do not see the problem you report.

    When I create the transaction in the checking account with a Customer Name in the payee name field, and the invoice account in square brackets in the Category field, the resulting invoice account transaction is a PMT type transaction.

    I believe the problem you report will occur if you use a non-Customer name in the checking account transaction (which creates an invoice account transaction with a non-Customer name).

    It's true that Quicken does not automatically apply that PMT transaction to any outstanding invoice, but it's a trivial matter to do that manually.

    @Cheryl Buechner


    _ enter the PMT transaction in the invoice account before the downloaded direct deposit is Accepted (so you can Match the downloaded direct deposit to the checking account deposit transaction created when you entered the PMT

    transaction in the invoice account); or

    _ make sure the payee name in the New downloaded direct deposit is the same as the Customer Name on the invoice, and the Category is the invoice account in square brackets; then use "Go to matching transfer" to switch to the invoice account PMT transaction. Open the PMT transaction and select the

    invoice to which the PMT should be applied.

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