2018 Release of Quicken for Windows: R11.16 Staged Release Tomorrow

Quicken Alex
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Hello All,

We'll be commencing the staged release of our R11.16 for Quicken for Windows 2018 tomorrow morning to about 5,000 users. While currently unavailable, the release notes will be updated tomorrow as well at https://www.quicken.com/support/2018-release-quicken-windows-release-notes. Additionally, we recommend running a One Step Update and backing up your data file prior to installing these updates. This helps to ensure your data is up-to-date and securely saved.

Here's what's included in release 11.16:

   ·New: Find all the Quicken Data Files on your computer using the File > Find Quicken Files option.

   ·Improved: Updated Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) rates in the Tax Planner.

   ·Improved: Support for the 39.6% federal tax rate in the Capital Gains Estimator.

   ·Improved: Ability to exclude hidden or closed accounts in Find and Replace operations.

   ·Fixed: An issue where some fields of a manually created investing account were pre-populated.

   ·Fixed: An issue with importing Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) files.

   ·Fixed: An issue where reports were not saved correctly.

   ·Fixed: An issue where Quicken displayed incorrect dates when the security price was $0.

   ·Fixed: An issue with handling new accounts when attempting to customize the Portfolio view.

   ·Fixed: An issue where the Total Tax value in the Tax Planner was different in Details and Summary pages.

   ·Fixed: An issue where the Annual Average Return or Internal Rate of Return (IRR) values of accounts were incorrectly displayed in the Portfolio view.

   ·Fixed: An issue where, for some users, the Net Worth report displayed incorrect account balances.

   ·Fixed: An issue where trying to reset reconciliation warnings did not work as expected.

   ·Fixed: An issue where Quicken crashed while updating a Zillow® Zestimate.

   ·Fixed: An issue where multiple accounts could not be selected in Projected Balances.

   ·Fixed: An issue with printing investment account transactions.

   ·Fixed: An issue where the Reconciliation report did not display the last generated report.

   ·Fixed: An issue where Bill Reminder payments were not listed in recent payments.

   ·Fixed: An issue where, in some cases, rent payment transactions were not created.

   ·Fixed: Multiple issues with filters on the Bills dashboard.

   ·Fixed: An issue where loan accounts associated with asset accounts could not be deactivated.

   ·Fixed: An issue where the Investing Activity report values doubled when using Split categories for cash transactions.

   ·Fixed: An issue where a previously entered Bill Reminder could reappear on the Bills dashboard after performing a One Step Update.

   ·Fixed: A rounding issue with budget totals.

   ·Fixed: An issue with the Fit to one page wide option on budget reports.

   ·Fixed: An issue with the property filter in the Rental Property Profit/Loss tab.

   ·Fixed: An issue where the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ did not work as expected.

   ·Fixed: A few user interface issues, text issues, and crashes.

Once released to these 5,000 users, we will pause to listen for any problems or issues. If no issues are reported, we'll release the update to all users later this week. If you don't receive a prompt to update, you can check for updates within Quicken (Windows: Help > Check for Updates; Mac: Quicken > Check for Updates). Once available, you'll reach a prompt to update to R11.16.

Thank you,