Trying to download transactions from Cetera Investments fails

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Set up accounts for Cetera Investments in Quicken Premier 2016 and accounts were pulled in showing correct last four digits of each of four accounts. Cetera Investments is a proper choice per Quicken for Windows. However error occurred no data was downloaded. This was the message: "During the last online session, Quicken encountered an online error [OL-220-A]." Also instructions printed as follows: "After collecting your log files and checking to see which connection method
your account uses, contact the appropriate support group for assistance:
  • If the connection method used by your account is Express Web Connect:
    contact Quicken Support.
  • If the connection method used by your account is anything else, contact
    Cetera Investment Services at 866-663-4430
I called Cetera and they could not advise me on what to do and told me to get back with Quicken. Web Connect is not offered but downloadable QFX files are available on Cetera site. Any Suggestions. Just opened 4 accouts with 140 transactions. Impossible to enter all these. Any suggestions?


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    First off "Web Connect" is downloading the QFX file and opening it in Quicken to import your transactions.

    You should be able to just open the QFX file in your web browser or in File Explorer and it will be imported into Quicken or you can use:
    File -> File Import -> Web Connect... to browse and open the QFX file.

    You should be able to get your transaction that way, but of course it is much more desirable to get them automatically.

    There are two automatic methods.  One is called Express Web Connect, and the other is Direct Connect.  Direct Connect is the more reliable because it is Quicken talking directly to your financial institution using a set protocol.

    Looking that the fact you have an error code OL-220A that is a Direct Connect error code (the OL part) of it.  That is the main reason it sent you to your financial institution to get it fixed.  Because most likely they are the only ones that can fix it provided this isn't just a temporary server problem.

    But that doesn't mean that contacting Quicken support might help because they might be able to read the logs and point you in the right direction.

    Here is the information I have on OL-220A:

    Quicken was not able to complete your request. The next time you go online for this financial institution, Quicken will attempt to re-send your original request. Please try again later. If the problem continues, call <financial institution name> at <contact info>.

    Quicken did not receive a valid response from the server.

    Parse error in server response.  Check ConnLog.txt file for parse checker error. Check OFXLog.txt for offending OFX.

    The Connection log and OFX logs can be found at:
    Help -> Log Files
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    Thanks to QPW. Cetera was of no help but I followed the suggestion of Quicken to call them at the number Quicken provided.
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    Michael said:

    Thanks to QPW. Cetera was of no help but I followed the suggestion of Quicken to call them at the number Quicken provided.

    The usual problem with contacting the financial institution is that you get connected with someone that has no idea about Quicken.

    Sometimes if you ask for them to escalate the problem to someone that deals with Quicken connection problems, they actually do get you to the right people.

    BTW in general OL-220A usually means that there is some kind of syntax error in the OFX data sent.  And sometimes the OFX log will state pretty clearly what part of it that it is having problems with.

    Also sometimes if you contact Quicken support you will get someone that knows enough or esculates it to someone that knows enough to point out what the log file says.  And they might even be able to get someone to contact your financial institution.

    Recently a person posted that they had a conversation with Quicken Support and their financial institution at the same time.  So it is "possible".
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