Using ~ and Operators like 'AND' to filter in report

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I am trying to build some report that forces me to use the filter in the 'CONTAINS' field. I am trying to get transactions from 2 accounts into a report. But I need to filter specific transactions based on text in the MEMO field. I tried 'Memo Contains' CONTRIBUTION. it worked but it filters some wanted transactions in the other bank account.

I need to use ~ <Unwanted Keywords>. Do you know if Quicken supports - ~ <Key word 1> AND ~ <Keyword 2>. Do they support the operators like AND/OR etc. i tried AND, it didnt seem to work. Just want to check if there is a specific syntax.TIA


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    Unfortunately, the Quicken (Win or Mac) search feature does not support the use of logic functions - AND, OR, etc.
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    Note in Quicken Windows it does support the ~ (Not) operator in the report Category and Memo contains fields.  But like JM said, none of the other logic operators.

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