Simple Register Transaction incorrectly calculated with R11.18 (Build

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Windows - Quicken Premier Subscription

Just upgraded my software. Manually entered my first transaction, a transfer for $1500 and instead of adding the money into the account, it is ignoring it and calculated transactions after that with the wrong index.

Update: Closed and re-opened Quicken and the register now displays correct total but that doesn't inspire much confidence.

Please address!


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    Update - Quicken Chat provided me the following information which did not resolve the problem. It did point out 3 corrupt transactions that I had to repair that recently showed up since prior validations but I see this as a fairly severe error. Here is an update after going through the processes below. Again, exiting Quicken and then restarting fixes this issue but that is not a solution.

    Go to File > File Operations > Copy (do not choose Year End Copy for this procedure).
    Leave all the settings, including file name and checkboxes, at their default (change nothing on this screen).
    After the Copy is complete, choose to Open New Copy.
    In the New Copy, go to File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate to ensure there are no lingering issues with the data in this file.
    If your issue was with Investment account(s) latency or other data issues with an investment account, be sure to also select Rebuild Lots during this procedure.
    After the Validation process is finished, you will see the Data_Log appear in a Notepad window.

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    More information - the file itself has been used since 2013, so that particular register has 4200+ transactions. 

    I did create a file from scratch, created two new accounts, created two new transactions between accounts and it worked. So scale (size) might be the issue.

    The agent on chat thinks it is a corruption issue with my register, which it may be because I can perform transactions between accounts with a smaller number of transactions and it works. 

    I have validated with no errors, copied to a new file and the problem still shows up in the register.

    If you have a lot of transactions and if you have the same problem after R11.18, please click "Me Too". 
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    Found a WORKAROUND so that you do not have to exit Quicken and restart it. If you go to
    View=>Use Pop Up Registers and check that, it will correctly recalculate the balances for that register. Future transactions in the register appear to work as long as you are using that setting. If you switch back, you may encounter the issue with transfers not reflecting the correct balance.
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