why can't you print personal check with quicken

why can't you print personal checks with quicken   I have asked this before and always get some what I feel as a lame answer it sure would be nice to print personal checks


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    What do you mean by "personal checks"? Please explain.

    And where is your previous post? Can you provide a link to it for review?

    Quicken supports several standardized personal and business - size check formats that you can order pre-printed with your mailing address and account information from Intuit or a variety of check printing companies.

    For a review of
    Quicken - compatible check styles and perhaps to order new supplies, please see
    https://intuitmarket.intuit.com/checks  (the website talks about checks for use with
    QuickBooks but the same style checks also work with Quicken)

    Blank check stock or
    unsupported non-standard check styles require add-on software and printer drivers ($$$) from
    third-party vendors like Avanquest and the use of special MICR-toner/ink
    together with check forms compatible with the vendor's software. To print these
    checks directly from Quicken you need to be sure to have a version of this
    add-on software that supports your version of Quicken.

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