account transfers don't show up until restart

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Quicken Premier 2018, Version R11.18, Build

Since the last update when I enter a transaction that is a transfer between accounts the transfer does not show up in the account being transferred to until I restart Quicken.  However, the balance in the account being transferred to does change, just the transaction does not show up in the register.  After a restart it appears.


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    Just out of curiosity ... are you using popup registers and are both transfer-from and transfer-to account registers open at the same time when you record the transfer transaction?
    I'm on the same version and release and I do not notice this problem ... but I also do not use popup registers.
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    No, I don't use pop-up registers.  I just enter the transaction in one account register and look at the account bar which shows the balance change in the account being transferred to.  When I open that register the transfer is not there, although the balance is correct.  Shut down Quicken, reopen, and the transfer is seen in the register.  As an example I entered a transfer from a capital account to a current account.  The balance in the current account changed immediately, but nothing showed up as a transfer in the register until a restart.
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    Hello All,

    I have successfully reproduced this transfer issue today. I have reported the details to our Product Developers as a high priority issue, and hope to have updates very soon.

    I appreciate your patience while we work to fix this issue, as well as your diligence in bringing this to our attention.

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    When I enter a transaction in my checking account to transfer funds to a credit card, it shows in the checking account but does not appear in the credit card account. However, the balance is correct in the credit card account. The transaction does appear in the credit card account if I exit and restart Quicken (or if I select go to matching transfer in the checking account). I think this behavior began after installing R11.18.
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    A transaction that I do all too often is not registering anymore.  I am trying to transfer funds from a savings account to my checking account.  I already made the transaction on my bank's website; now I'm just trying to get my Quicken books up to date.  As I say, I do this all the time.  Last session, I noticed that the transfer was not being reflected in the receiving, checking account.  In the Savings account, I see the transaction, and it reduces the account balance accordingly.  In the recipient, checking account, I see nothing.  I thought I'd "fixed" this by entering a new transfer for $1, which did register, and then changing the amount to the sum I really needed to record.  It seemed to work, but now that I have reopened Quicken, that transaction is again missing from the checking account.  I am running R.11.18 version of Quicken 2018.  I'm afraid my whole file will go corrupt.  Help!
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    Account entries are not reflected in ledger until Quicken is closed and reopened. Also, Quicken dropped all EFT entries in one account, resulting in account balance showing a larger amount than what's actually in account. I've tracked a retirement account for over 12 years and was always within a couple dollars of the institution's account balance. Now, I'm off by nearly $800 and unable to find the problem in Quicken. These accounting errors with Quicken started about two weeks ago and has not corrected itself. I have made sure the program has the latest updates. I have never experience anything like this with Quicken after using for over 25 years.

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     The running balance in all of my accounts is not updating correctly.   I record a deposit or transfer, and the balance doesn't change.  However if I exit quicken and return, or run a backup, the register balance update.   I see this issue also in the Calendar view.

    I validated my quicken file, there were no errors.  I noticed this issue started after the last program update.

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    version R11.18

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     I have the same issue ... especially when entering income transactions (dividends & interest income) in the investment register with a linked checking account.... the register balance in checking does not update only the balance on the left accounts pane.... Quicken:  please take note your last update has a bug--R11.18
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    Rather than exiting Quicken try clicking on the date column header a couple of times, that forces the register to be redrawn and the balance should then display correctly.
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