I have numerous interest accounts posting on a monthly basis. Why do they not appear on the YTD pro

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    Go to Reports and open the YTD report.  Click on the icon on the upper right that looks like a gear.  Select the accounts tab and make sure that all of the accounts that you want to appear in the report are selected.  Click OK when you are done and be sure that you Save the report.  This is done by selecting the "diskette" icon.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    The Quicken Profit and Loss report is a "business report": Quicken business reports only use Quicken "business transactions".

    A Quicken "business transaction" is a transaction that has a Schedule C tax line item assigned; or a transaction that has no tax line item assigned and has a "business tag" assigned. [Business tags are created at Business > Manage Business Information.]

    If your interest transactions are not Quicken business transactions, you can use the Quicken "Income and Expense by Category" report to see results similar to the P&L report.

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