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Transaction Detail seems to show ALL transactions, not just those for the month being reconciled, rendering the report pretty useless.  I followed the same procedure I have for years, and everything looked OK until I ran the reconciliation report.

Below, the item counts on the first page were correct.  On the detail pages the items counts are way, way off.  15 pages of details are included, where there should be 2. 

I have 2018 Deluxe for Windows, v R11.18, build   From the date on the executable files it looks like they were last updated 08/08/2018.

Anyone else see this, or have a clue what might be going on?

I'm a retired software engineer (with considerable test experience).  Way too often I feel like I'm testing and debugging instead of just using it - maybe around once a month it demands a few hours of trying things either with or without tech support.  Granted I use it a few times a week, but I can't think of another piece of software I spend as much time tinkering with to keep it running - and I'm sure I'm only using small subset of features - mostly basic operations.  Given this is financial software that's pretty sad.  I may go back to spreadsheets where I can at least fix things.


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    I personally never look at this report since I have no need for it, but I brought one up and notice something strange about the way it works (a bug).

    Here is the register:

    I highlighted that balance because of what is shown on the report:

    Also from the account overview:

    Because you can't see in in the above screenshots I will tell you that the running balance of $3,871.57 has a date of 3/16/2018.

    So the report isn't starting at my last reconcile.  And note you have no control over this:

    I have one guess at what is going on (but it could be completely wrong).
    I switched recently from reconciling with "statement" to "online balance".
    But I'm doubtful on this idea because I think I started that too recently, not all the way back to 3/16/2018.

    So anyways my guess for the large number of "items" on your report is that the starting point of your report is a long time ago too.
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    It sounds like you've encountered the recent bug that causes the reconcile report to include all prior transactions, making the report very lengthy.

    The main discussion on that issue is here:
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