Multiple Layouts for invoices

I am using  Quicken 2018 Home & Business for Windows.  Can I create more than one layouts for invoices?  How?


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    Within limits, you can customize the layout for customer invoices. Use the Forms Designer.
    From the Business tab click Business Actions / Invoice and estimates / Design invoice forms.
    Save your customized Invoice form under a name different from the default.
    You can select which invoice layout to use from the New Customer Invoice data entry dialog, field "Layout".
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    Got it.  Thank you.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    "Can I create more than one layouts for invoices?"


    Business > Invoices and estimates > Design invoice forms > Layout > New

    [You may have to click a "Get Started" button after clicking "Design invoice forms", if you have never entered this dialog before.]

    When adding a new invoice transaction to an invoice account, you choose the appropriate layout from the invoice form "Layout" dropdown.

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