rental property - cannot enter rental income & expenses as a combined entry in module

I receive a net rent each month after deducting management and other expenses using MEMORISED reminders.

I cannot use Rental property module. The rental property module only allows rent income and expenses to be entered separately, which creates separate entries in the register.

This does not reflect real life since the bank account statement shows the Net Received, not separate entres.

It would make sense to allow the rental property module to link to memorised reminders when entering rent instead of just the rent recorded for that property. This could then also be edited in the normal way to allow for variations at the time of the posting.


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    From C. D. Bales:

    Assuming I understand your problem:

    You are not required to use the rent Reminder created by Quicken when you assign a tenant to a property.

    You can delete the Quicken created Reminder and create one of your own: the Reminder you create can be a split transaction with whatever split lines you like (one of which should be for the rent amount).

    You will need to insure that your Reminder uses the tenant name as the payee, uses a legitimate rent income category for the rent amount, and that that the correct Property Tag is assigned to the appropriate split lines.

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