Sell entries in IRA account not reflected in share balances

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I had a lot of rebalancing trades in my IRA (TDAmeritrade is custodian) last month.  Three of perhaps a dozen SELL TRADEs downloaded from TDA did not result in any change in Share Balance.  The three mutual funds holdings, each of which was disposed of entirely, were still included in the Portfolio view.  I fixed the problem by manually entering the sales data from my paper end-of-month statement, witnessed the proper decrease in Share Balance to zero, then deleted the downloaded entries.  At last all was reconciled.  Mystery: what was it that caused these three particular downloaded Sell Trade entries not to be accounted for in the Share Balance tally?  [Quicken for Mac, subscription, up-to-date.  9/10/2018.]


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    Likely caused by a placeholder. See this:

    FAQ: What Are Placeholder Transactions in Quicken for Mac?
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    I had a similar problem on Quicken Mac 18. I bought more shares of an existing security, downloaded the transaction, and reconciled. The number of total shares didn't change.  Confused me for a few days. Then I duplicated the purchase, and the total shares reflected both purchases. Then I deleted the duplicate and everything was OK.

    There are NO placeholder transactions in the account.
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    I am constantly finding my TDAmeritrade IRA shares & cash balances are incorrect. All buy & sell is done by TDA to rebalance or as needed for cash distributions.  I have no idea how to get my Quicken balances corrected!  I download from Quicken and often get alerts about things not matching (usually small amounts), and lately I have elected to have Quicken "enter a placeholder". Is this a bad idea?  
    Why is this such a mess?
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